At Kiddie Steps, our curriculum ties in with all the areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. The method of teaching is based on the Montessori Method of Early Education. We however have integrated learning which means that from 18 months to 3 years we provide a purely Montessori foundation; then from 3 to 6 years we provide an integrated curriculum of Montessori, British and Kenyan system. This caters for the different educational paths you would want your child to take and not confine you to one educational system. In this regard we have employed teachers with the various academic qualifications to provide a seamless transition.

The curriculum consists of these core subjects:

  • Language Arts: early language experience is gained by encouraging children to talk about their experiences, listen to stories, read books and through participation in rhymes and songs. Every child is taught the phonetic sounds and shapes of letters. The child then progresses to 'build' words using specially designed Montessori materials, which lead on to writing and reading. When ready, the child is introduced to the Montessori Reading Scheme.
  • Mathematics: the Montessori method of teaching ensures children enjoy activities such as matching, grading and pairing. Children use the geometric cabinet to describe shape, position and size. When the child's interest in numbers has been developed through sensorial activities and sandpaper numbers, he/she is introduced to more complex mathematical activities. These include recognizing and writing numbers, sequencing, quantifying, addition and subtraction.
  • Sensorial: attractive materials are used and designed to stimulate each of the senses and to develop the ability to make fine discrimination. They are designed to heighten the child's awareness of the world around him/her. Children enjoy exploring materials of different shapes, textures and sizes. They have opportunities to play with sound and colour boxes, which enable them to respond to what they see, hear, smell, touch and feel.
  • Practical Life: these activities promote independence, co-ordination and fine/gross motor skills. They also develop the child's concentration and dexterity. Amongst other things, the children have an opportunity to set the table, polish articles, carry out water exercises, do and undo zips, buttons, poppers, laces and buckles. They have many opportunities to discuss why things happen and how things work.
  • Botany: children learn about plants and even do their own planting to have a rudimentary understanding.
  • Zoology: children also study animals to foster a love for growing and living things.
  • Geography & Culture: children are encouraged to take an active interest in the world around them at all times, e.g. the changing of the seasons, current affairs, personal news, other cultures, etc. They also learn about geography, science and history through a Montessori apparatus.
  • Science: this will be taught at a rudimentary level through a Montessori apparatus.

As a supplement to the above core academic subjects, the children also study a variety of “enrichment” subjects:

  • Swahili Basics
  • Arts & Crafts: children are free to express themselves through painting, drawing, crayoning, sticking and cutting. Topical craft activities are done by the children to take home.
  • French Basics
  • Music & Movement: singing, action rhymes and dancing are part of everyday life at Kiddie Steps Montessori. We have a range of musical instruments for the children to investigate different sounds and rhythms.
  • Poetry
  • Drama Arts
  • Gymnastics (Monkeynastix)
  • Taekwondo (4 years and above)

Please note that gymnastics and taekwondo are at an additional cost.